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Thread: Day 2 Animal Kingdom

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vikki, post: 320319, member: 106
    It wasn't her who cried on BTMR was it?
    Lol no it's the younger one who is a coaster junkie. She can't decide now if she actually liked it or not though lol

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    Oh bless. Ben was like that when he first tried Tower of Terror. He now thinks it's too tame for him

    Hope you're having a good day!

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    Looks like a great time for all. Thanks for sharing the photos.

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    Dinner at Denny's and now decided to head down to magic kingdom :9)

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    Buzz light year walk on :0)

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    Carousel of progress. A first for us all :0)

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    Now people mover. Again a first

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    Laugh floor. They decided they didn't want to see wishes tonight much to mummy and daddy's disappointment

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    Such sweet little faces! They are having quite a time, aren't they?

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