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Thread: help with tipping at Disney and Orlando

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    ok once and for all can someone explain hopefully without loads of opinions just the facts please

    cab drivers, how much do we have to tip?


    table service?

    valet parking, tip on take the car AND bring back?? and how much?

    Any other places?

    Whats the minimum allowed? I'm not trying to stitch anyone up or underpay but this holiday is on a budget so I need to know

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    Here is a suggested tipping chart:

    I'll admit that I occasionally exceed these. I can valet park for free at WDW so I have a tendency to tip both when I drop off and when I pick up. Generally $3.00 each way.

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    Quick general guide is 20% for table service, 15% for buffet (but we often do the 20% because those buffet servers usually work twice as hard as the "regular servers!") cabs, and any other service person 10% where a fee is involved. (For something like free valet, you'd need to know the fee and then tip accordingly, or if that's too much trouble just tip what you please). Tip at the end for valet.

    Tipping for non fee based service, like bell hops who bring your bags to the room, is based on the amount of luggage and packages they have to handle. We tip $1 per bag, when we use bell services (almost never).

    Remember, leaving a "tip" for the housekeeper, although done frequently is NOT necessary unless they have done something special for you. Disney housekeepers are technically not supposed to accept tips... anyway, just sayin'?

    Bartenders, we tip 20% of the drinks only order, unless we've ordered something to eat while at the bar, then we include that amount too, of course.

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