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Thread: Tell me about WDW at Christmas!?

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    crowd levels
    where to stay - thinking of doing onsite for a few days
    Mickey's Christmas Party
    and any other info!
    I've never been at that time of year and assume it'll be busy but does it make it impossible to enjoy ?

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    If you actually want to be there over the Christmas/New Year week then yes prepare for it to be extremely busy. There are no Christmas parties during that time frame however. When we go for the Christmas season it is normally the two weeks following Thanksgiving. All of the decorations are up, the party is in full swing several nights a week. During the party there is snow on Main Street USA, hot cocoa, cookies and lots of Christmas shows. Also the parade is great with all dressed in holiday regalia and the wooden soldiers.

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    My only trip to MK was on December 23 last year. I did not think the crowd was that bad, but I have nothing to compare it too. I loved the parade and the lights, especially on the castle. As far as weather, I am hot natured and wore shorts and a T-shirt.

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    I LOVE christmas at Disney, especially the first two weeks in December

    weather is temperate, parties are on, decorations are up
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    weather: Widely variable. It's been unseasonably hot at 90 degrees right through to frost. One year when we were there it rained ALL Christmas day (and part of Christmas Eve). Generally, it's beautiful weather with no humidity. You'll want a light jacket...
    crowd levels: Build markedly as you approach the week of Christmas to New Year's. MK will most likely close on Christmas Day and NYE. EPCOT has closed before too.
    where to stay - thinking of doing onsite for a few days: Prices are HIGH!!! Anywhere you choose to stay on site is going to be beautifully decorated, so pick what your budget will allow. Meals go up in price too, keep that in mind.
    Mickey's Christmas Party: You know? We've not done this. Heard really nice things about it though.
    and any other info!
    I've never been at that time of year and assume it'll be busy but does it make it impossible to enjoy ?: PLAN, PLAN, PLAN!!!!

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    Was there from Dec 27 thru Jan 5th one year. New Years eve (several years ago) got quite chilly as the clock got close to 12...was with a 11 and a 13 yr old...both excited about the park being open until 3am that day, but we were there for early morning, and wanted to leave for a few hrs to go back to the room and get warmer clothes, but the CM at the gate told use we would probably not get back in, so we hung out...things i remember......cold, very crowded...amazing fireworks at midnight, waiting like 20 min to get into the ladies room, and with the 2 girls circled COSMIC RAYS seperatly for almost an hour trying to get a table....but they seemed to really love it....seeing all the christmas decorations, snow on main street, christmas music every where you went....truly magical.. should do at least once...but would not recommend for a first timer , who wants to do everything

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