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Thread: art of animation or pop century?

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    Helppppp need to decide between art of animation or pop century. Theyre both the same area and new but I've not seen many photos of animation so hard to tell if its as nice as pop century which I've been to before

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    Art of Animation is a beautiful resort. Lots to see and do and the food court is great. IMHO however, the regular rooms are cramped more so than any of the other value resorts. Supposedly though they are the same size.

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    I am at art right now. I love it, the one down side to it though if you are in the little mermaid rooms it is a long way back to reception/dining/main pool.
    I am not finding the room size a problem and if I am honest even though I know there is I can't see any difference between this and POR.
    I have a 6&7 year old and they (and secretly us) are absolutely loving the theming.

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    Like them both. Had family stay in an AoA suite. It was VERY nice (Little Mermaid). Food court was much nicer than I remember Pop being when we stayed there (years ago now).

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