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Thread: staying in villa, food delivery?

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    we're going to go all out and try for a villa next time which isa bit scary but exciting too

    We could stop at a supermarket before we get there but wondered If it would be easier just to have somewhere deliver to us? is that possible?

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    Don't think you will find it scary as there are owners on here with a mind of help and information. We rented three times before we bought just makes a difference getting a good rappor with the owner you rent with, I have even met up with a couple of parties over the years for dinner and drinks as they hadn't been before and wanted a bit of extra help.
    We found it good to go to Publix for our food provisions, as like trying the cold meats before buying them and picking up fresh food to make salads and going through all the dips and sauces. I would say to take your own cheese and tea bags as English foods are expensive out there also if you rent through an owner get to know what there management company favourite things are as this always helps if you get stuck with anything out there..

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