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Thread: buying disney park touring plans?

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    Is it worth spending the money on these places which claim they can send me a plan of which days to go to which parks?

    they claim they know from history how busy each park will be and even each ride so can make a very accurate plan but Im suspicious really

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    Never done it, never will. Historically it MAY help but probably not worth the money.

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    Its only 9.95 a year and to me is worth it for the crowd calendar and best park to visit alone. I don't use the actual plans but planning my dates using the crowd calendar always puts me in light crowds so long lines have never been an issue for me

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    Absolutely not worth it. Regardless of history, there is no way to know what groups are planning on visiting what park on which day. There are special events planned by others (not Disney) that no one knows about until the groups get there. Tour groups, school groups... all render a touring plan useless.

    Get a good guide book if you like to have a reference (but they are outdated from the moment they hit the shelves).

    Being a member of this board will be your best resource for planning. We can give you the history for free!

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    We were invited to "test" a few new touring guides years ago. To be honest, I found them a bit...confining. For us, EVERYTHING at Disney is an experience, even the crowds, unexpected moments, queues. I felt as though the touring plans focused on the wrong thing - at least for us.

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    We bought the unofficial guide to WDW the first time we went and followed the dumbo do or die plan. It was great as we had no clue! if i hadn't read that book i would have missed loads. I think the plans are done by the same person.
    recently i have used touring plans online and used the busy day guide, I have found them more or less accurate

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