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Thread: 8 TS Credits me narrow down the short list!

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    When we went Labor Day 2012, they were getting rid of the Oreo bonbons. Our server went and found us some. He said they were going to be sold at the counter service/quick service shop at the Beach Club instead.

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    I am a huge fan of their flan. I was raving about it all through dinner one time, and the boy couldn't wait to try it! With one mouthful the poor buggie shuddered and declared that it was like slimy stinky cheese! Lol. Guess he isnt much of a fan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beccaberry, post: 320626, member: 61
    Terry, we actually replaced Blue Zoo (our "alone" evening) with Cali Grill (hoping for a more romantic atmosphere), but after reading the latest review for opening night at CG, I'm absolutely reconsidering this switch. Blue Zoo doesn't accept the dining plan, no, but we were interested to try it anyway (upon your recco). Of course, if I make that switch, we'll have 12 credits remaining!

    I've noticed over the years that we have similar taste in food as you and Sue, so tell me what you like at AP?
    I really enjoyed blue zoo each time we've been

    I'm very worried about the California grill the reviews aren't great and the photos of the dishes hmmmmm :/
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    Well we are doing both Blue Zoo and CG on our upcoming trip. This should be interesting.

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