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Thread: Day 6 - Gabriella birthday celebration day

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    They opened up the west wing for lunch but we couldn't get a table

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    I think it's so clever how they change it between lunch and dinner service.

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    Enchanted tales with belle :0)

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    I loved enchanted tales with belle. Ella was Phillip :0)

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    Oh yes we did splash mountain. Abi insisted she wanted to even though she cried on big thunder. We gave her 5 days to think about it and she still wanted to. Less tears on this one photo looks like they both were traumatised even though Ella said she loved it lol

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    We're taking advantage of the dumbo play while you wait area :0)

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    In line for goofy barnstormer. Ant starting to struggle with all the standing today and we forgot his gac

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    Ella was not impressed at how short that was lol

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    Kids loving sorcerers game

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