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Thread: Day 8 typhoon lagoon

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    Today was a waterpark day. We had all decided on typhoon lagoon and had an absolute blast!!! Again none of us had done a Disney waterpark before so another new thing for this trip. Gabriella did all 3 crush n gusher slides abi did pineapple and decided that was enough for her. Lots of fun had in the wave pool with the kids getting very excited when the 'big wave' comes. We were all starting to burn despite being caked in cream so we came out and are currently in magic kingdom queuing to meet tinkerbell (40 minute wait)

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    Loads done. Autographs from pooh and tigger who got very excited about his personalised card :0) mad tea party, dumbo (again :eyeroll: ) Winnie the Pooh ride

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    Now gastons

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    So what did you all think of LeFou's Brew? Sounds like a fun day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by uscwest, post: 320855, member: 151
    So what did you all think of LeFou's Brew? Sounds like a fun day.
    I loved the frozen apple juice underneath the passion fruit topping was just too sickly for me, I shared one with ant but when Gabriella decided she wanted one we fed the topping to the plants lol

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    Anthony had burnt a lot worse than we thought and he was in real pain so we left just before 9pm (which was annoying because it was the best mood the kiss had been in in days) he kept offering to get the resort bus but when he burns despite him having Spanish skin he blisters so I wanted to get him back and some cream on. Good job really because he fell asleep on both the monorail and the car park trolly

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    Do you have any cocoa butter? I find it far better than anything else on burns

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    We use aqueous cream when he burns himself really bad and that stops it blistering.

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    How's Anthony feeling now? Better I hope?

    Baleigh said the same thing about LeFou's Brew - loved the apple juice bit, couldn't stand the mango stuff.

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