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Thread: Orlando international airport

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    There are hardly any shops in the bit where the virgin flights fly back from is it terminal 2 ?

    but there are loads in the other side :/ is it possible to go through security and then go to 1 or go to 1 and do the shops then go to 2?

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    If you have been through security you can go back to the main airport if you want to, but you will then need to line up and go through security again.

    I would have thought it was better to stay in the main airport and go over to departures later if you want to spend time shopping.

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    Ive never really thought about doing that as I normally cant relax until I'm through security and sitting by the gate but yeah it's a good point. I do remember there being a load of shops by a long travellator thing, perhaps that was terminal a mmmm
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    I really can't say too much about MCO and their shops. I've never flown out of their internationally, but my experience with international travel is that there are normally lots of stores on the other side of security. I'm surprised MCO doesn't have that.

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    The best shops in MCO are in the main terminal. They are set up that way so people can go in and shop, without having to fly! It's a bit of a mall, kind of. If you want to shop in the stores that are before security, then yes, do that before passing through. You never know when security will get backed up, so going through twice wouldn't be my favorite thing to do.

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