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Thread: Day 10 back to Hollywood

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    As we did not get to bed till 2am we let the them sleep in. Everyone woke up about 10:30.
    We are going to MNSSHP and abi decided she didn't like her costume so we have so we have been on the hunt for a new one. We ended up getting her an incredible a one from a Halloween shop near Florida mall. We nipped inside the mall and we got the kids some dolls from 'frozen' and a couple if things from toys r us (including secret of the wings in 3d which we have been looking everywhere for!!)
    After a quick subway lunch we headed I we to Hollywood studios and first stop was rock n roller coaster for Gabriella. She went on it twice back to back second time being front row!!!!
    She decided she didn't want to go in Hollywood tower so we went over to star tours on which she was the rebel spy quick stop to buy her the T shirt (I couldn't help it lol) we we t I we for our fast pass for fantastic. We had great seats but they do need to sort out the fast pass system over there because they check you in but then to get access to the section the simply ask you if you had a fast pass and you could get in.
    Kids loved it, from there we grabbed some R2D2 popcorn and churros and ran to the buzz and woodsy autograph spot. Autographs got we went on one mans dream and then the great movie ride. At half ten we called it a night grabbed some pizza from hotel and ate it in the room. Kids just about asleep now and I am not far behind them

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    Oh yes I forgot about Disney junior (still doesn't sound right) dance party with Annie Quincy and goofy

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    When asked what her favourite thing of the day was Gabriella replied for balloon dog

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