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Thread: 25 Years of Love and Marriage Week One

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    I had meant to type something up on a daily basis

    Let's hope I get a bit better from here on

    On the morning of the flight, we checked in our bags at Gatwick Airport and made our way through security. As usual, I was searched, the lady apologised but I told her not to worry I was used to it now

    After picking up all our bits and pieces, we made our way through to duty free, had a quick look round but went into the lounger to wait for the flight. We had a bacon roll each and sparkling water, nothing exciting for us

    I had asked for assistance getting to the gate this time, so when it was time, my name was called and I went to the desk and saw a man lad there with a wheelchair He took us down to the ground floor in the lift and then there before me was a cart with orange flashing lights. OMG I was so embarrassed, Chris thought it was funny I just hung my head. We set off to the gate and thatís when a quacking noise started I was so relieved when we got to the gate and I could get off.

    We boarded the plane and the cabin crew came round and said that there were only 100 people on the flight, Iíve never seen it so empty, it was quite eerie.

    The flight was a little bumpy in places but other than that it seemed to go quite quickly for a change. When we landed at Orlando Airport I was told to wait until all the passengers were off and then had to sit in another wheelchair. We got through immigration very quickly and Chris got our cases, the person pushing me helped Chris take the cases to the top of the escalator and then came back for me. He took us all the way to car rental and if you rent a car you know how far that it.

    We got the usual hard sell at the desk and finally went to the garage to pick up our SUV they didnít have any so they downgraded us, we didnít realise at the time as we were both so tired and we set off to our home for the next 4 weeks

    We arrived and everything was wonderful as usual, I started to unpack and then because we were meeting Mari and her beautiful family at 1900 Park Fare, we decided to pop out and get some essentials for breakfast the next morning. We came back had a quick shower and set off.

    When we got to the Grand Floridian, we valet parked as it was raining and went inside, I was looking to the right when I heard someone call my name. There was Mari, Tono and her two beautiful girls It was so nice to finally meet them, there were hugs and kisses and the girls looked up at me and oh my you should see their eyes, just beautiful.

    We had a lovely evening with them and Mari had bought some beautiful gifts for us from Mexico. Iím really glad we were able to get to see each other, I just wish it had been for longer, I hope Chris and I didnít come across as too tired.

    I was sad when we had to leave; the time seemed to go so quickly. We did look for our Dawn but sadly couldnít see her

    Saturday morning it was a trip back to the airport to change the suv we had for the correct size and also because the windscreen wiper arm was missing we were given a really nice and comfortable Traverse. Chris was very pleased with this as he had been upgraded, so we were off again on our merry way We went down to Best Buy as Chris was looking for a Chromecast thingy and we picked up something for Keith as well

    As it was Labour Day weekend so we decided to miss the parks and wait until after everything had quietened down. We decided to go shopping and on our way to the Mall, a warning light came on in the car saying the tyre pressure was low. We diverted to Walmart to their car centre and got the tyre checked and air put in. We then spent the weekend shopping in the sales, by the pool and eating out We did try to go to Downtown Disney on Sunday evening but the car parks were full and closed and people were being directed across the road to the cast member parking. There were waves of people walking over to DTD, Iíve never seen anything like it before, not even at Christmas.

    Needless to say, we gave up and went home.

    Monday, we spent beside the pool and then went to the Texas Roadhouse on the 192 for dinner. I donít know if anyone has been there, but it is certainly an eye opener The portions are huge and when weíd finished it didnít look like we have even started. Itís a strange place, the country music is enough to drive you nutty and there are silver pails on the table, one with peanuts in and another one for the peanut shells. The strangest part is when the servers start line dancing, itís really funny to see. Would I go back againÖÖÖÖÖ..probably not

    When we left we made our way to the Boardwalk where we valet parked and then caught the boat over to World Showcase. I was finally on holiday as Iíd arrived at Disney

    We only walked down to the American Pavilion as that was all I could manage, but it had started to get dark and all the lights were on so it looked beautiful.

    Tuesday, was our Anniversary day, we had decided to go to World Showcase, but when Chris started the traverse the light came on again and when he looked the tyre looked lower than the other front tyre. So, off we went back to Dollar at the airport. This time we saw Charles and he upgraded us again to a Toyota 4 Runner, it is huge and Chris has had to buy me a step to get into it

    In the evening we went to the Yachtsman Steakhouse at the Yacht Club Resort. Our server was the wonderful Ricardo and we were looked after as if we were royalty. We were greeted at the podium with congratulations on your anniversary. We were eventually shown to our table and there was a Mickey and Minnie card for us and then given our menus, which had been presonalised just for us. We were given an amuse bouche whilst we were waiting for our appetiser, and then some miniature sweets before dessert. Ricky was disappointed that we wouldnít drink champagne but gave us a bottle of sparkling water instead, he said we needed bubbles to celebrate We had a wonderful evening; it was certainly something the both of us will remember for a long time, Ricky certainly looked after us

    Wednesday we went to Hollywood Studios, this is our least favourite park, but we thought it was smaller so I might manage it better. There were lots of stops for drinks and snacks

    When we left we went up to Premium Outlets at the end of International Drive, I had to pick some things up for the girls, but it was a flying visit as we wanted to go to the Cheesecake Factory at the Mall of Milenia for dinner. I had the usual orange chicken which was delicious, the good thing about going earlier is that you can get the lunch plates which are smaller

    We were off to Epcot on Thursday, which I was looking forward to, we went to Guest Services as Chris had some Travellers cheques he wanted to cash, Whilst I was there I asked about the GAC and the cast member said I needed on to make the Disney experience easier for me. He told me I could use it at Fastpass and Fastpass+ rides, attractions and meet and greets.

    I canít tell you how much easier it has made things for me, I feel guilty as heck using it when people are queuing up though.

    On Friday, after all the walking at Epcot I was very sore so we decided to have a day by the pool and then go out in the evening. It was a lovely relaxing day and it certainly did me some good In the evening we had planned to go to the Olive Garden but the rain was so bad we would have been totally soaked, Luckily I had some potatoes and salad bits and pieces in the fridge, so we stayed in and had baked potato with cheese and a salad, with huge bowels of vanilla and strawberry ice cream

    So that was our first week, we didnít do very much really, the weather wasnít being kind to us so we spent a lot of time at the Malls.
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    On hindsight, you should have received some sort of compensation for all the running to and fro to the airport! I'm so pleased that your anniversary dinner was nice!

    Lovely report. Let's have some more, please?

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    It`s great to read your mini trippie Wendy. More please !!!!
    BTW the "quacking noise" at the airport wasn`t Donald stowing away with you was it ?

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    Glad to hear Ricardo took good care of you. We have a night planned with him in December and then two nights later will be having dinner at YSH with Ricky as our server. What did you and Chris have to eat? I'm looking at the picture of the Toyota. Is that a handicap placard I see hanging? The reason I ask is that you do know you get free valet with that right?

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    Really enjoyed reading this Wendy! I think sometimes its nice to have a quieter time, and you are there for long enough to have much busier days!
    Glad your anniversary meal was special - Ricardo was right, you do need bubbles!
    Looking forward to reading some more, pleeeeeease!!

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    Nice report WENDY

    "Life is a journey not a destination"

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    Your first week sounds fab. Looking forward to hearing more

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    Looking forward to the next installment

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