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Thread: Best places to eat at universal citywalk?

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    I remember the volcano! I guess it's been a pretty long time (close to ten years?) that we've been there.

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    Try the resturants art the resort hotels like the Kitchen at the HARD ROCK hotel's

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    We love The Kitchen, bubba Gumps and NASCAR sports grille.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BUTTERHEAD1, post: 322114, member: 147
    I am a big fan of Jimmy Buffett and margaritas are my favorite drink but to be honest I don't rate the food at Margaritaville very high. We do go there but is mainly fir the drinks.The place is very entertaining with the music and the ballon animal makers on stilts walking around from table to table. There is a huge volcano in the bar area that erupts margaritas into a giant blender. We were inUniversal this past March and ate at Margaritaville and Latin Quarter. The food at Latin Quarter was far better.
    Same for us. That is the only place we ate on theCitywalk. At the Margaritaville in Myrtle Beach SC, there is a hurricane instead of a volcano feeding the blender. The one in SC is a great place to spend the day, but again, food is typical bar fare.

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