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Thread: totally confused about disney magic bands?

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    Even though Im not going till next year Im trying to understand why some people use magic bands and others cant get them

    what are the rules exactly?

    Are they only a trial at the moment, some people say that the trial will stop in October and no one knows when it'll become a normal thing

    is it only for on site people?

    Does this mean that some people have advanced booking for fastpasses whereas if we don't get a band we just have the old system?

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    They are indeed still in a trial stage. They are, to the best of my knowledge, scheduled to go fully operational prior to the Christmas season.

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    I'm sure there was a list somewhere of the dates it was rolling out to the different resorts, I'll see if I can find it I'm sure most of them were due to be done by the end of November.

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    They just opened up the bands for November visits. Honestly I have no idea if this is still a trial basis, but I believe so. It doesn't seem like everyone is getting them for November, so I think it is still limited to certain resorts.

    The band is replacing the Keys to the Kingdom cards, so yes, they are just for onsite guests.

    It is my understanding that people will still be able to use the regular fastpass system, but those with a band will be able to book them before their trip.

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