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Thread: Credit card required for all TS ADR's from 31st Oct.

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    I'm for it too BUT it does create problems.

    A work colleague booked crystal palace (at my recommendation because they wanted dinner and see the characters). By the time their reservation came up, they had some very tired kids and just knew they wouldn't be able to make it through. So they went to the podium, waited 20 minutes hearing them say "sorry no tables" to loads of people, got to the front and were told they'd be charged as a no show. They asked if they could give the reservation to someone and told no.

    So yeah, it's a good thing to make sure people are serious and they cancel but Disney need to be less stupid about cancelling as well
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    Yes. I honestly believe that if someone cancels, even at the podium just a bit before the meal, that should be accepted. It's ridiculous to make exhausted children stay for a meal that they are not going to enjoy, and as a result others won't either.

    Not allowing them to give the reservation to others who were being turned away is utter nonsense.

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    I echo the sentiments shared here. I think it's important to have some manner of cancellation policy, but 24 hours seems VAST in "Disney time" and CM's really should be allowed to use their own brains from time to time (as in the case of Keith's friend or ill children).

    On our most recent trip, we had an ADR for Boatwrights, but after spending the entire day in the hot sun (and at the Food & Wine Festival) the idea of traveling to POR (via Disney transportation) was simply overwhelming. Luckily, we were able to cancel our reservation at Boatwrights (at 2:00pm for our 6:00pm ADR) and make another ADR for Cape May Cafe at 6:30. Under the new policy, we would have lost $40 - seems a bit harsh to me. I understand the need for a new policy, but let's not pigeon hole folks so tightly that there's no room for impulsivity of any kind - especially on vacation!

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