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Thread: Not long now

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    Well it is almost here!!! This time next week we'll be at the airport hotel (hopefully asleep)!!
    Can't believe we are now only a week away, still seems like its months away.
    I'm sure I'm going to forget to pack something or do something essential.
    What are your last things to organise and sort out (apart from the main essential of pack and get to the airport lol)?

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    I make lists and my lists have sub-lists and still manage to forget something LOL.

    The last thing that gets thrown in my suitcase is usually my makeup bag and then I almost never wear any makeup at Disney, but I Have to take it just in case!

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    Last thing is taking the cats to their 'holiday home'. They bawl all the way there, but are full of cuteness for the 'landlady' when they arrive.
    {Never mention cattery!}

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