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Thread: Fit2Run Coming to a New Location at Downtown Disney

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    Fit2Run will be opening at Downtown Disney this fall. The store will open in West Side, next to Curl and across from House of Blues.

    Fit2Run offers complimentary video taped gait analysis and an iStep barometric scanning, which will help each Guest find the ideal shoe for their foot. Guests can also test the footwear on Fit2Run’s indoor track, just to make sure the new pair is ‘just right.’


    At the Downtown Disney store, Fit2Run will offer first releases on many shoes, with some special products available only at this location.

    What do you think of this, does DTD really need a store like this?
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    the disney marathons are a big thing at the moment. I wouldn't buy my running shoes on holiday but i may buy some disney themed gear

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