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Thread: disney restaurant dress code?

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    Hi when making reservations we were told there was a dresscode at some of the places like jiko and artist point, what is it and how strict are they?

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    For most of the fine dining restaurants the dress code is "smart casual", ie they try not to encourage folks going there in their park attire.
    Having said that I`ve never seen anyone turned away but I reckon that guests should at least make the effort to conform.
    I would certainly feel out of place dining in these type of places if I was not suitably attired and everyone else around me was.

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    yep, what slowhand said !
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    is there a list of which restaurants this dress code applies to?

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    There is, and the ADR reservationist will tell them to you, but as far as I can remember it would be the finer (signature) restaurants:
    Artist Point
    California Grill
    Victoria and Alberts (absolutely has a dress code, the only one "enforced" though)
    Bistro de Paris (upstairs in France)

    Those are the only ones I can think of right now. I would say any of the nicer restaurants outside of any of the parks would expect the guests to make an effort to wear something other than sweaty park clothes.

    Oh, Narcooosee's could be included in that line up too.

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