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Thread: 5 Year Old Child Injured on Pirates of the Caribbean in Disneyland Paris

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    On Wednesday, a five year old boy was seriously injured in an accident on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland Paris.

    It appears that the child, who was standing at the back of the boat at the end of the ride, fell backwards out of the boat.

    Fabrice Delin of the Codis emergency services for the Seine et Marne departmemt said that the boy was stuck between the platform with his chest compressed by the boat. He was transferred to Necker hospital at 5.45pm local time.

    Anne Chazareix, the police officer in charge of the probe into the accident, said the boy, “accompanied by his father, lost his balance when the boat was arriving at the end of the ride” in the amusement park near Paris.
    He “fell and found himself stuck under the boat” in the water, she added, before his father and others pulled him out.

    She also said that the boy is said to have critical injuries, none of which are visible.

    Pirates of the Caribbean is now closed until further notice until all investigations have been carried out.

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    Sincere wishes for a full recovery.

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    Oh the poor child, I do so hope he recovers well.

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    Any news of this poor boy?

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