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Thread: kid friendly airline?

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    I dont know if its a silly question but are any of the airlines more kid friendly than the others? I know virgin have the kid backpacks, at least I think they still do but what about the others and which do the best meals?

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    Virgin do still do the kids packs, although if I am honest, they are just ok, nothing fancy.... First Choice/Thomson cater for the kids really well.

    Been quite a while since I have ordered kids meals for my kid, but VA do a chicken/sausage teddy shaped thing, (sorry didn't make that sound nice) potato, mixed veg, a flake pudding, fruit shoot and i think a fruit cup as well.



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    do you pay extra for these or are they included in the normal price?

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    included in the price.

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    My first answer would be DEFINITELY NOT the airline I heard about this morning that misplaced the 10 year old traveling from D.C. to Boston by herself.

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