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Thread: Free tickets for Saving Mr Banks on Tuesday UK

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    Aargh! I want to see it NOW!!!

    *deep breath, deep breath*.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Britchick, post: 324961, member: 39
    Well you get to go to WDW in 2 weeks so concentrate on that it will be a lovely Christmas treat to look forward to when you're home
    Lol indeed :-)

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    I loved the bit with Sherman where he heard 'feed the birds' and Walt just said 'that'll do'. Sherman has been well publicised as saying that was the highest complement he ever had from Walt :-)

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    I just got back from watching it. I couldn't hold back any longer, so popped into the cinema after work.

    I was really touched by it and completely identified with PL Travers - Emma Thompson conveyed very subtly these tiny nuances of feelings I have myself experienced when visiting the US and it really 'spoke to me'. I had a huge grin when I saw the shots of Disneyland, it felt like I'd just walked into the park! When it was over, I wasn't quite ready to exit - I watched the credit sequence while I made the transition back to reality.

    The short version: totally loved it, I'm sure I had a lump in my throat a couple of times watching it.

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    I loved it! Did a research on PL Travers when I got home....what an interesting lady! And the fact that she still didn't like the penguin scene at the premiere!

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    there was a really good documentary on BBC that you may like, it's probably still on catch up. Interesting lady that's for sure

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    It was a great documentary

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    There's one on Youtube called 'The Secret Life of May Poppins' - is that the one?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony G, post: 325918, member: 1391
    There's one on Youtube called 'The Secret Life of May Poppins' - is that the one?
    I think so

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    I just watched the one on Youtube - great documentary. I especially liked how the presenter managed to insert little hints of her of her own personality without appearing biased throughout the programme.

    It's piqued my interest - I wonder what PL Travers really did think of the movie?

    That image of Mary Poppins' punishment for the tantrum is a little harrowing... Might have to read the book now!

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