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    Do you think it's run it's course, I got a bit bored towards the end of the last season and this one seems to be a bit slow to me, I'm hoping it will get better.

    I would like to know how Stefan got out of the safe though

    I wonder if the writers with leave Elena with Damon now as the couple have split up in real life. I'd like to see Stefan and Elena back together

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    I watched this from the start and sadly it's not as good as it was. If it wasn't for the delicious Damon I wouldn't be sticking with it. :wink:

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    It seemed to run out of ideas and get more outlandish.

    It cracks me up at how they made such a U-turn with Damon, who started out being the bad guy.

    I've not been able to watch any of the new season, thanks to a dud Sky dish but I'll get round to it eventually.

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    I just can't get into it this season, even though I totally adore Damon. I liked him as soon as he showed up on the show.

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