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Thread: what is there to do in the evening?

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    On the disney cruises, what entertainment is there in the evenings? Interested in both for adults and children? thanks!

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    There is varying entertainment all over the ship both for adults and for the kids.

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    I can`t help with the entertainment issue for the children but there are loads to do for adults.
    Each evening there is a show in one of the theatres for a start. There is a cocktail bar at the Promenade Lounge where there is a singing act, usually accompanied by a musician, and there are several clubs and bars with various activities to suit every taste on Deck 3 Forward .
    One evening is Pirate`s Night where there is a firework show on Deck 10 and Mickey and the characters put in an appearance. [Ok you could argue that this is aimed at kids, but loads of adults seem to really enjoy this and the deck is full of folks dancing along to the music.]
    You certainly won`t be bored that`s for sure, the biggest problem you would have is which activity to choose!

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