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Thread: New "Perks" for Disney Vacation Club

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    I've read in numerous places that Disney Vacation Club Vice President & General Manager, Ken Potrock has talked about new perks for DVC members. These could include dining and shopping discounts and a special DVC rate for Park admission.

    What do you think, is this a good idea or don't you agree with DVC members getting extra discounts.

    I think it's about time Disney rewarded it's DVC members.

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    Im not a DVC member but absolutely agree that people who enter that kind of long term contract with Disney should get the best of rewards! absolutely
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    Yep DVC members should get better discounts

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    I think the first perk would be more fastpasses in the new FP+ system - it's easy for Disney, as it costs them nothing.

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    As a DVC member I would like a few perks (other than the complicated, essentially useless ones they currently offer). Discount on tickets would be nice, if it included the AP. DVC did offer a discount on APs at one time, but it didn't apply to the Florida residents! There is the shopping discount, but that's 10% and often stores won't give it to you anyway...

    So, yes. Something easy to follow, something that all CMs will honor and something that is of actual value to all DVC members would be nice. Otherwise, fuggedaboudit.

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    I am a bit biased seeing as we have been DVC members since 1992 but I will never say "no" to a few extra perks.
    Currently, the only perks I find of real benefit are the reduced cost of AP`s, the free valet parking at some resorts and the occasional 10% discount at certain outlets.
    When you tot up how much it has cost us to be a member for so long, I reckon that we have earned a few benefits.

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