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Thread: SSR and OKW

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    We are looking at booking free dining for next August and the deals on SSR and OKW are fantastic so we are thinking of veering from our usual monorail choices to book one. Which do people recommend?
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    I know our Tink loves OKW. I haven't been there. I did take a tour of SSR and it was quite nice. It's very close to DTD as well. I don't think you could go wrong with either choice.

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    Both are similar in many ways. They are both huge, and allow parking right outside your villa, which is a huge plus for me.

    You can rent bikes, and water craft at OKW, and the pool slide there is awesome! There is a secondary area with a large pool too. There are quiet pools as well.

    I believe (but honestly don't remember) that SSR has one quiet pool.

    You can walk to DTD from both places. The walk from OKW is much longer along the canal. We really enjoy it. You can take a ferry to DTD from both places too.

    Neither has great eating options onsite, although I've not been to the new Turf Room (since it became a restaurant) at SSR.

    Olivia's and poolside counter service are available at OKW. The Turf Room and a rather odd food court is at SSR.

    There is a bar at both places, Gurgling Suitcase at OKW, and I believe the Turf Room still has a bar (that's what it used to be prior to conversion).

    The villas at OKW will be the largest. They are the largest in all of DVC.

    There is a spa at SSR.

    I would say, go with the best rate you can get.

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    I would LOVE to try OKW one day I really would
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    Well, it is my favorite place.

    The Hospitality House is large and welcoming, and there is a lovely area where you can watch the "movie" of the day. There is a concierge desk there too.

    There is a nice little shop there, with some food items (as with all DVCs) and DVC merchandise. It connects by a hallway to Olivia's which is a very serviceable restaurant. Nothing terribly fancy, but certainly adequate for a meal and very good for breakfast. Olivia's has a door that connects to the Gurgling Suitcase which functions as the bar, and main pool bar. We used to LOVE Robbie the barkeep there, but he's been gone for some time. They have nice CMs overall.

    There is Hank's where you can rent the bikes, water craft, videos (free to DVC members) get your pool towels, and life jackets for kids if you need. It connects to a community hall where activities are conducted for all who care to enjoy. Some are age specific for children. There is free ping pong, tennis...

    There is a large bathroom shower room per gender, of course. Makes it nice for folks who check out yet want to stick around longer that day. They can swim, yet shower and be ready for the plane later.

    There is a sauna there.

    All the above is right at the Hospitality House area.

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    Do the one bedroom units at OKW have a sofa bed and another sofa that you could sleep a single child on? i seem to remember that it did when we went a few years ago

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    Quote Originally Posted by britchick, post: 39052
    Do the one bedroom units at OKW have a sofa bed and another sofa that you could sleep a single child on? i seem to remember that it did when we went a few years ago
    According to my DVC Planning Guide a One Bedroom Vacation Home "Features a master suite with a king size bed and a living room with a queen size sleeper sofa".

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    thanks Slowhand, just thinking that the kids will not be sharing at 16 and 11!! i suppose i could buy a blow up mattress for dd

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    That's right Slowhand. The one bedroom units are larger than some apartments I've had! A small child (under ten) could sleep on the non-pullout sofa, but no one any larger. The queen pull out is of course large enough for two.

    If you need two additional beds in addition to the master, then you'll need to have a two bedroom. It has a separate room (think studio) with two queen beds. I can be attached, or a lockout. If it's a lockout then the second bedroom is a full studio with a separate entrance, etc. That is a good option when you want the people with you to be able to come and go as they please. If you don't want that to be the case, then request a dedicated two bedroom.

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    I don't believe an 11 year old would be very happy on the single couch. An inflatable twin would be another option, yes.

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