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Thread: Do you stay all day at the park or?

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisaw, post: 327393, member: 48
    Quite possibly, I have never had a sitting down job, even when I didn't work when the kids were small I spent the whole time rushing from one club to another!
    Fitness/stamina is a funny thing though, I couldn't run to the end of my drive but I can walk for hours and hours!
    This is me!!! I walk and walk and then walk some more at WDW. No issues. At home, ugh no thank you

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    I need to walk at WDW - it's the only way I can manage the shovel-loads of food I'm eating!

    It's funny, I'm probably the "least healthy" of my family, but WDW is the only time they have trouble keeping up with me - I walk more, I walk faster, I'm up earlier and sleep later.

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    Me and the OH liked to get in early and do a little park hopping! When we stayed with family on some days, they were late risers....which gutted us a little as they didn't like staying late some of the time!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lisaw, post: 327382, member: 48
    We do each park (MK at least twice) opening to close. On other days we will go to a park at opening and then leave at around 4/5pm to go elsewhere to eat. Sometimes we will park hop.
    We tend to leave the hotel by 7am and don't get back to the hotel till 9 or 10 most nights! Apparently I have a lot of stamina!
    We have the same travel agent it seems...this sounds exactly as our group does. Not so sure about my stamina though.

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    I usually go first thing and go back to the resort in the afternoon for a swim return in the evening and stay till it closes

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