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Thread: Relaxing at Walt Disney World

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    A holiday/vacation to WDW is pretty manic, with a lot of people feeling like they need a holiday to get over the one they've had

    We tend to take it easy these days and are never in a park for the whole day, but I wondered what you do to relax at the Parks. Do you have a place you like to sit and chill out for a little while or do you go back to your room for some quality peace and quiet?

    What tips for relaxing would you suggest?

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    We actually like an afternoon nap- only about 45 mins in the cool- it recharges our batteries. Either that or a relaxing float in the pool

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    On our last trip down there when we actually stayed at POR onsite, my DW was having a difficult time getting around. Due to some health issues, she just wasn't able to do it. So, not wanting to cut our vacation time short due to this, we decided to just stay around the resort and chill out at the pool with a good book or two.

    Turns out it was about the most relaxing and enjoyable trip to WDW that we'd ever had.

    Tom ( ... don't get around much anymore.)

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    I found POFQ very relaxing too. Love those resorts

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    I have realized that I am unable to "nap". I sleep hard sand long so I don't do that at Disney. If I need a cool spot or just some time to chill then I usually head to an indoor show. Hall of Presidents and Carousel of Progress and Ellen's Universe of Energy are perfect spots for this.

    I love to people watch so if I can find a good spot, I like to do that as well

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    When the kids were young, we were ALWAYS on the go...ALWAYS. Over the years, as we've realized that "we'll be back, we'll ALWAYS be back", we have slowed down a bit and have learned to relax more. Recently, while staying at the Beach Club, we found loads of spots to sit and relax...the rocking chairs on the porch, Martha's Vineyard, even the lobby. We also enjoyed taking walks around the Boardwalk, down to MGM, along the water...

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    We always hit the parks at rope drop, so we're usually done by early afternoon.

    We'll go back to the villa and will sometimes pop back for the fireworks in the evening - plenty of time to relax.

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    ^^^^ Yup us too.
    I am a fully fledged member of the Pastafarian Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

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    I can't cope with a whole day out any more so we always have a break around 4pm. I nap for 25 mins, then watch tv for short time. Pete reads. Lovely.

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    I always schedule downtime during our vacation to allow us some pool time and to recharge our batteries. Our vacations are usualyy 9 or 10 nights and we schedule 1 or 2 days of no parks during that time to just relax.While in MK I use the Carousel of Progress,Hall of Presidents and the transportation ride to kick back and relax. If I really want to take a break I walk over to the Contemporary for an adult beverage or two and then head back to the park. In Epcot...La Cava is my go to spot for some down time. Ellen is another good spot for some shut eye. Hollywood Studios... The Tune In bar and the Walt Disney Exhibit are couple of my spots for down time. Animal Kingdom is a half day park for us our down time that day is back at the hotel.

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