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Thread: Htel l'Elyse Val d'Europe at Disneyland help/other hotels?

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    in my seach into disney hotels for next march i have several hotels in mind, and found this one, (and revewis seem ok and is the cheapest one so far)

    i note on the disney site, although they are not a disney hotel you can get extra magic hours at this particular hotel, does any one know, is this only if you by a disney package from disney or would it be the same if i booked the trip via expedia and tickets via disney??

    also what is the transport like to dlp from this hotel as its not on site, and what are peoples opinion of the hotel

    other hotels we are considering is disneys santa fe and, explorers and kyriad, however this one is the cheapest and we dont really anticipate spending much time at the hotel, we are staying for 4 nights in march next year

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    i have had a suggestion from a friend as well, who has also suggested as we internd to spend a day/evening in paris, that we could get a cheap hotel in paris (a couple i have found on expedia for around 50-70 for the nights, not bad really considering it will only be an extra 25-35 each, including Hotel d'Amiens, Lyon Bastille Hotel, Le Havane, Hotel Monte Carlo ) and suggests what they did when they went to disney the same lengh of time we did (4 nights, with almost 5 full days as the flights we are looking at land in paris on the arrival day at 9.10 am and the flight departs on our last day at 6.45pm) and what they did, instead of packing, had the disney hotel booked for all 4 nights, (as the price they got when booking was not much differrent doing 4 nights vs 3 nights, ) they left their bags at the disney hotel and took a small back pack with clothes to wear the night they were in paris, and left the rest of their stuff at the disney hotel

    how they worked it out was

    Friday am - arrived in paris, went straight to hotel, checked in and dropped off bags, went to one of the parks for the whole day
    sat am - got train from hotel to paris itself, checked into paris hotel spent saturday day (sightseeing in day and night in paris (they went to moulin rouge and an evening cruise on the seinne)
    sunday am - couple hours sight seeing then had lunch and got train back to hotel in disney land
    sunday afternoon - spent afternoon at one of the parks
    monday - at parks and then shopping later on then back to disney for some wild west show??
    tuesday - at park for a few hours, then went to collect bags to get train to airport to catch the flight

    what are peoples opinion on this, do you think we could manage it, myu friend did, but dont know if that was a fluke or not, they did say they were exhausted when they got back though

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    Hi and welcome

    It's a moderate hotel, wont blow your mind but clean tidy and fine to use as a base. You can just about see the studios off in the distance

    Checking in can take a little while but nothing awful

    There's a fairly useful mall with grocery stores just across the street which is also good although food in the hotel can be pricey even for basics.

    It's about 10 mins away by the shuttle bus and you get the usual perks like extra hours and so on. Doesnt matter where you book, it's a hotel perk.

    I PERSONALLY prefer santa fe but theyre both fine

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