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Thread: Fantastic dinner package 2013 - mama melrose

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    I have had similar experiences at Mama Melrose where the food was bad and their service even worse. I stopped going their for a while and have just recently started going back. I find the place to be so hit or miss. I have never been seated within 20 minutes of my ADR. I am not one to complain or go cheap on a tip but in your scenario I probably would have left 2 bucks and complained to manager and then walked over to guest services and explain to them that I am a frequent visitor to WDW and have dined at most of the restaurants on the property and have never been so disrespected by a cast member. No customer should be treated the way you were treated and she shouldn't get a pass for the way you were treated.

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    I wouldn't have left any tip and I would have made sure she knew exactly why. That is just uncalled for.

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    That kind of treatment is totally uncalled for ANYWHERE. I would not have even paid for that meal. I'll bet they would have gotten a manager over ASAP had you refused to pay. I know you don't like to cause a scene Keith but this is definitely one time I would have for certain.

    We've been talking about places we should eat that we have either never been to or have not been to in a LONG time. This would certainly turn us off forever.

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    Well, I'm glad you decided to send them an email. If you didn't, I was going to.

    Appalling service and some downright rudeness - it must have felt like you were in trouble with your mother at dinner time!

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    We did that package a few years ago and found it very bland. The service was only so so. We decided to try again this year and was much happier. The service was absolutely superb and the food was nice too. Nothing to write home about, but perfectly good.
    Seems to be one of those places which can be a bit hit and miss I think.

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    Yeah to a large extent I think it was the attitude of the server. I'm pretty sure a.n.other would've reacted differently and not annoyed me so much. The food, well I think it was rubbish, but in fairness it probably just isn't my type of menu and that's not necessarily a fault of theirs, just a mismatch.

    I sure as heck won't go back though... the brown derby is much much better. Mind you, it just confirms my feelings about the studios as a park in general. It's very weak compared to EPCOT/MK
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    Absolutely pathetic. I know I would have been all over the place demanding a manager and if that didn't work, I would have been to guest services in an instant. Rubbish.

    It's too bad also because years ago, we used to really enjoy eating at Mama Melrose's. Years ago they had this most delightful grilled prime rib. One of the best pieces of meat I think I ever ate. Sadly, we've never been able to recreate that particular experience.

    Now I won't even try.

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