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    so on our road trip we are going to concentrate on California, we're not going to do The Grand Canyon or Vegas as we've been there before and i'd kind of like to do a week in Vegas another time. So have you got any suggestions that i could overlook?
    never really thought about what to say in LA
    will definitely be going to San Diego and San Francisco and hiring a harley to do some of the pacific coast highway- probably just one day.

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    You have to go to Yosemite National Park. It is beautiful and there are hiking routes that start from beginners up.

    It is a photographers paradise. Chris was in his element there. In September the passes will still all be open so you can get to the top and look down at the vista.

    I would recommend staying at least one night as there really is a lot to see. There is a beautiful hotel but the name escapes me and there are log cabins in the Park. There are two motels outside the park but we stayed in one and it was filthy and I made Chris put a chair against the door

    There is a drive around San Francisco which we did, it takes you to places that aren't always on the tourist route as well as the popular places. Alcatraz is a definite place to visit but make sure you prebook.

    Oh I have just thought of something, there is a Boating Gala of some sort and all the rooms double in price and it is really busy. It was either the last week in September or the first I'm October, I can't remember which off the top of my head.

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    we should be there the beginning of September so that's good. The log cabins sound good. off to google!! thanks

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    I'd definitely second the idea to go to San Francisco and Yosemite - I went to both on my last trip and they were definite highlights.

    Bewarned if you're going around winter time - Yosemite ices over and makes travelling very dangerous.

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    We're going in early September as that's when our anniversary is

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    Weather should be lovely then, so no trouble going to Yosemite - it was a nice drive too.

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    When we went to Southern California, it was in mid August. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. Just wonderful during the day. Slightly chilly at night.

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    Sounds great, anything will be better than the UK anyway

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