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Thread: Alan Menken Medley- can you name all the movies?

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    I love this man's songs... he's a genius


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    I would kill for half that much talent!

    Ranks right up there with all the greatest composers of all time. Same league as the Sherman Brothers, Marvin Hamlisch, Leonard Bernstein, and Richard Rogers.

    Tom ( ... I'll never touch our piano again!)

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    1) Little Mermaid
    2) Aladdin
    3) Pocahantas
    4) Beauty & the Beast
    5) ??
    6) Little Mermaid
    7) Beauty & the Beast
    8) Aladdin

    Wow - he is awesome!

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    Love this. What an amazing talent...

    I believe #5 is Hercules

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    that was totally cool. So right Tom. What a talent!

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