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Thread: In a Walt Disney Park on Your Own

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    If you were on your own at Walt Disney World what Park would you visit and what would you do?

    I would probably go to Epcot as it gets less crowded than the other parks. I would go on Spaceship Earth and then wander over to World Showcase where I would sit and watch the world go by from my favourite spots.

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    I do go to the parks on my own and World Showcase is my favourite

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    I would LOVE to race around the parks in a kart. Some areas would make a great karting circuit. :driving:
    [Not a very "Disney" reply I know, but each to their own eh? ]

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    OOOH!! I did this!! I was!! For one full day, I was utterly and completely ALONE in the WORLD! Will I come across as too much of an antisocial nutter if I say, "I LOVED IT!!" (those who really know me know I'm not even remotely antisocial :wink: )

    So what did I do...I checked into my hotel (Pop Century), wandered across to the (then) brand new AoA and took a zillion photos.


    Then I caught the bus to MK and just...blissfully wandered with my camera. I didn't ride a ride. I didn't see a show. I just took it all in...quietly. It was incredible. I could stop when I wanted without being asked where we were going next, take 47 pictures of a lamppost without hearing a single sigh, and look at exactly what I wanted to look at with no interruptions. MAHVELOUS, dahling.

    It began raining a bit, so I headed upstairs to the train station and watched the parade...what a wonderful new perspective! [ATTACH=full]16631[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=full]16633[/ATTACH]
    The princesses even had "royal" umbrellas!

    I wandered the park a bit more and then transferred over to DHS to ride ToT and RnRC, then it was back to the resort where I took up residence at the Pop Century pool bar and chatted with the bartender for hours (and margaritas). I made friends around the bar, playing word association games and just generally being silly - at one point it was raining SO hard, the bartender made me a poncho out of one of his garbage bags. It was hilarious and fun, and truly one of my favorite Disney memories.


    It was a lovely day!
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    You know, I don't think I could do it. I guess I am not made for that. I also have never been to a movie by myself. Weird hunh?

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    I've done a few EMHs on my own. Epcot is good (I can take my camera and not have anyone moaning at me.for spending ages taking photos). The best one is MK though, can do loads of attractions, with nobody to please but myself :-D

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    Well, I couldn't cope with a whole day alone. If I had a few hours to spend on my own I would go to MK and stroll around, snacking and taking photos.

    Quote Originally Posted by Watchinherskip, post: 328804, member: 301
    I also have never been to a movie by myself. Weird hunh?
    Nor me, 'Skip. I couldn't do it. I never eat meals out on my own either.

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    Most of my trips to Florida are flying solo, so I get lots of time in the parks on my own.

    I try to avoid MK without my nephew though, it doesn't feel right without him there. (I have wilted once and visited without him )

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    I could do a day by myself. After that I'd probably get locked up for bothering my neighbors lol

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    I would most definitely do a solo vacation to WDW and although I would miss my wife and kids I think I would enjoy myself immensely. I have rotating days off and occasionally I will go to the movies/museums by myself.
    If I only had one day to spend in WDW by myself I would pick Epcot for theWorld Showxase and then monorail over to MK for the parade and wishes. I would probably head to DTD late night for a few drinks and shopping .

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