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Thread: Character Makeovers

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    What characters do you think need a makeover and why.

    Who would you like to see in new clothes or possibly even a complete makeover.

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    I dont think the need a full on make over and that be the way they look forever but I do think it would be nice to see in particular the princesses in their 'before' outfits ie; Cinderella and Tiana before they became princesses

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    Oh that's a nice idea! I think the costumes and appearances of the characters are pretty nice. They tend to look like they do in the films so that is a good thing. I do think Tishypops has the right idea though. A variety of costumes for the characters we already see.

    Perhaps see more of the rarer characters like the Evil Queen? We've seen her just once in Germany at the World Showcase and that was years ago.

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