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Thread: Anyone Use Snapseed?

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    I was listening to a podcast last week on photography at Disney World and the photographer who was speaking mentioned an app named "Snapseed". A few days later, I remembered he'd mentioned it and downloaded it on my phone. I must admit, I like it! It's a Google product, and has a pretty mild learning curve, but offers a good amount of creative control. There are a variety of photo editing tools, including an "HDR Scape" filter that is really cool!

    It's great for editing photos on the go! Here's a photo from the, now gone, Stars and Motorcars Parade at MGM - I used the HDR Scape filter on it...I thought the effect was pretty neat!

    (Apologies to those who follow us on'll likely be seeing this photo next week there as well!)
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    I haven't heard of this. But that's pretty neat.

    I remember waiting forever for this parade though lol

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    I've told Annabel about this as she likes anything to do with photographs, thank you :)

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    I think this is where I come in and say "Stop the world I want to get off". Robinson Crusoe Island is looking more and more like my kind of world.

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