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Thread: KSC to Stop Tours of VAB

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    Kennedy Space Centre will stop doing tours of the famous Vehicle Assembly Building in February.

    Until then, the 'Up Close' tour stopped at the VAB and actually let guests see inside (from my own experience, it's an awesome experience - it really is cavernous). It was always temporary, but I'm still gutted... At least until I've got a new spectacle to see - maybe like them going back to the Moon? Or Mars?

    More details here:

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    Oops. I didn't intend for the pics to be quite so big!

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    That`s an area that I would love to see.
    Even when I did the Astronaut Traing Experience a few years ago, and went "close up and personal" to pad 39B and other areas, sadly the VAB was not on the schedule.

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    Im sad theyre removing this it was one of the best experiences at KSC. When we were there, there was actually mist and some said rain at the top whilst being quite fine at the bottom. Security walked us round and surrounded us whilst there so it was an interesting experience.
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    Oh what a shame, I'm so glad we did it last year, it was an amazing experience.

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