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Thread: Disney Cruise Line Announces New Internet Packages Onboard

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    Disney Cruise Line will now offer new internet packages onboard their ships. Instead of charging by minutes used, the new Connect@Sea packages are based on the amount of megabytes (MB) used.
    Guests can choose from the following package options:
    • Pay As You Go ($.25 per MB): Perfect for Guests who are not sure how often they will be online.
    • Small (100 per MB for $19): A good choice for Guests who want to check their email occasionally and then go back to enjoying their cruise.
    • Medium (300 per MB for $39): Ideal for Guests that want to share their vacation photos with friends right away.
    • Large (1,000 per MB for $89): This package covers all Internet needs. Guests can stream movies or their favorite music.

    Connect@Sea services will be introduced onboard the Disney Cruise Line ships on the following sail dates:

    • Disney Magic - Feb. 3, 2014
    • Disney Dream - Feb. 16, 2014
    • Disney Wonder - Feb. 26, 2014
    • Disney Fantasy - March 8, 2014

    Detailed information about the Connect@Sea options will be available in each Guest stateroom, at onboard internet cafes and at Guest Services.

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    I use about 2GB (2 large) per month on my cell phone. Donna uses about 4 GB on hers. So I would imagine in a week on the cruise ship we MIGHT use about 300 MB ($39.00) I guess the question here is what if you go over? Do you then pay $.25/mb

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    Perhaps they would let you "upgrade" if you realized you were getting close?

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    The other issue is speed. Most guests who are used to their broadband connection at home might find themselves tapping their feet a lot while waiting for their upload to finish.

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