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Thread: 'The Walters 2014' Best Disney Score

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    Your nominations are invited for Best Disney Score

    This can be any score from any movie at any time created in the Disney name.

    Please post below and feel free to discuss.

    All valid nominations will be put into a poll on 21st February.

    Nominations will close on 20th to allow for polls to be set up!
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    nominations please

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    Tron Legacy.

    ...No contest.

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    Lion King

    off site- AUG 86 --- carribean beach JULY94
    all star movies JULY99- all star sports JULY00
    coronado JAN01---------all star sports AUG01
    all star music JULY02 ---All Star Movies Apr03
    POR JULY04 -------------Disneyland Hotel Aug 04
    Pop Century APR 05 -----Pop Century AuG 05
    Pop Century AUG 06-----Carribean beach Aug 07
    Pop Century Aug-08----- Pop Century Aug -09
    Pop Century Aug-11------Off Prop- Feb 12
    Caribbean Bch-Aug 12---Pop Century Aug 13
    Pop Dec 14---Pop Feb 15--Pop April 15

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    The Princess and the Frog.

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    i can't make up my mind on this one but you know it's going to be an Alan Menken one will get back when i've decided... lol

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    Does this include Lucas films? If so I would have to say star wars.

    However, if not then my vote goes for Pirates of the Caribbean.

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    Mary Poppins

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    Beauty and the Beast for me.

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