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Thread: Tink made me do it

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    Went to visit my parents for a few days last week. Didn't really do anything but Tink won't give me any peace until there is a trip report. :sigh;

    Left our house Wednesday afternoon and did the hour and a little bit drive to Staines. The town is a roman town and the original site of the first bridge across the Thames there can still be seen if you know where to look. :wink: Anyway Staines is a suberb of London situated by the Thames and right next to Heathrow airport.

    On arrival we get greeted a little too effusively by their 3 crazy Irish Setters. Rosie, Molly and Daisy who is the maddest and will actually answer to Crazy at times.

    Just kind of sit about watching the olympics for the rest of Wednesday.

    Thursday morning we take the dogs for a walk on Staines moor. See thread kicking around somewhere for plane photos. The dogs ran around like lunatics and I took photos of planes taking off. Steven got stuck in some mud and Adrian had to rescue him but unfortunately I didn't have the camera poised to capture the moment. After lunch myself, Adrian and Nanny Lesley went shopping in town and finally found the elusive Ben 10 lunchbox Steven needed for school. Quick Starbucks stop - I had chocolate decadence cake - approx 2 bazillion calories in a slice. Steven stayed home with Grandad Fred and played with the model trains.

    Friday we walked the dogs again but this time without Adrian and Steven who felt that shopping was better than getting stuck in mud. Dogs went mud again and Willow got stuck in the same mud than Steven had got stuck in. I took plane photos again. And we picked loads of blackberries to take home with us. Friday afternoon me and Nanny Lesley popped to a garden centre for a few bits and I also tried to find 2 caches in the area but failed miserably on both.

    Blackberries and ice cream after dinner.

    Saturday was pretty much the same. Walked dogs, watched planes, waved at AA planes, ate blackberries, Steven played with trains, shouted at taekwondo judges on tv, packed up and went home.

    See Tink, I told you there was not much to report. :gy:

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    Ahhhhh. All is right in my world now. Thank you very much.

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    thanks dawn but why no photos?

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