The villa was beautiful and set amongst olive groves with a view across the channel to the mainland ( we were on the island of Lefkada - largest of the Islands) - mountains were visible for miles around but were always a little hazy - not loaded up many of the 'view' pics yet.

We took 2 cameras and I have only loaded the Canon slr pics so far - it was a little blky for the trips. I could ramble on but I will let the pics do the talking as most people want to see them more than aything. They are quite big so I will post just a few in each thread if thats ok.

I will also do a brief bit of verbal diarrhoea bout the trip ona talkie thread if thats ok, but not just yet - much to tell you I have.

Never even seen an 'Infinty' pool in real life before - it was coool!