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Thread: Polynesian or Grand Floridian?

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    Planning for next year what would you do? polynesian or grand floridian, I dont want to split my stay because will be planning a cruise too

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    for theming I love love love the Poly. GF is a little too chintzy for me personally. But loads of clients love GF.

    Whatever you choose you will enjoy I am sure.

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    I've stayed at the Poly and it was nice, but I found it very noisy. If I could afford the extra I'd go for the GF I really enjoyed wandering round there it was much nicer

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    Another vote for the GF here.
    We`ve stayed there loads of times and it feels like home as soon as we arrive nowadays.
    That`s not to say that the Poly isn`t nice, but to me it always seems very dark and oppressive and furthermore the GF has much nicer restaurants.

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    I preferred the GF too! It just has that sedate quality feel to everything there. Love the restaurants and the band etc.

    Im ok with the polynesian but never *quite* understand the folks who stay at the poly every single time but heck, you can't go far wrong with either really can you
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    They are both lovely places to stay. I have been fortunate to stay in both.

    The theming in the Poly is fantastic and Ohanas is a cool place to eat. I would also recommend doing the Luau.

    However, for over all glamour and elegance my vote has to go to the Grand Floridian. It is such a gorgeous hotel and has the best restaurant on property the fantastic V & A.

    When you first see the Grand Floridian it takes your breath away. I will always remember approaching it by boat on the seven seas lagoon and being blown away by its sheer beauty. :p015:

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    GF gets my vote having stayed their twice. Love everything about it and woudl stay there every time if budget allowed.

    I have dined several times at the Poly and also find it a bit dark.

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    Someone I know who works at the Poly calls the GF the Red Roof Inn!

    I would like to stay at both. I particularly like the main building of the GF and Mizners! Slowhand pointed out where he and his wife were staying once (an end room near the water) and that looked like such a lovely location.

    I like the pool bar there too. I've heard that it's stuffy and pretentious, and I've heard that it's just as warm and friendly as the All Stars can be.

    But then, I always want to stay at whatever resort I've not stayed at yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tink, post: 39614
    Someone I know who works at the Poly calls the GF the Red Roof Inn!
    there is a resort on SR535 that always reminds me of the GF. I can't remember the name of it right now.

    I would prefer to stay at the Poly. I just love it there.

    The GF is very pretty and everyone has always been very nice when I've been in but I'd feel funny carrying a Wal-Mart bag in there. probably just me.

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    How about it Johnie . LOL
    Haven't stayed at either yet . Will be at The Poly one night as an early 50th bday present to my DH .

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