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Thread: BA or Virgin?

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    Which has the best business class or whatever its called? from london to orlando?

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    if it was a choice of BA club or Virgin Upper i would go for Virgin personally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dvcjane, post: 39254
    Which has the best business class or whatever its called? from london to orlando?
    Well strictly speaking VA don`t have a business class at all.
    In PE you get business class type seats and priority check in etc.etc. but other than that it`s just one step up from economy.
    Their UC though is a different matter. You have your own private "cocoon" and a full length bed to lie down on which is great for the return journey.

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    Its been a while since I've been on BA Business, but I always felt it was a good level really. Not as expensive as upper but a massive step up from economy.

    I generally feel that premium economy on virgin is what economy should be everywhere. In other words, its the minimum acceptable for an 8/9hr flight!

    tbh, I'd go with whichever you get the best price for
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    ive flown BA BC once and it was nothing to right home about tbh but it wasnt on the orlando run. all that was different was you were behind a curtain and they gave you a hot towel....didnt cut it with mei i only fly cattle class with VA so cant comment

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