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Hi Guys

Im in the very early stages of planning a possible trip to Ney York next Feb and looking for any advice you can throw at me lol! Where is best to stay that wont break the bank, we are looking at staying about 5 or so nights depending, other than the usual whats not to miss?

Thank you
Ohhh I went in feb and its COLD, but really, it doesn't put you off. i took a bomber jacket and I don't ever remember complaining of being cold.
I took a hat too. and I was fine.
It snowed when we got to the tpo of the empire state and that was amazing. Just amazing.
shopping there is great, Macy's, Bloomingdales are top of the list. The apple store is AMAZING if you're that way inclined.
Make sure you double check the time of your ferry before you leave your hotel for the statten island ferry. Our's got changed and we ended up missing it .
I liked MoMa and the Guggenheim, but the guggenheim was probably my favourite. If you aren't into art I wouldn't reccomend it, I got forced to do it and if I had of gone of my own choice I probably would have left, to be honest.
We got a certain type of ticket (Maybe a city pass?) that was $50 dollars or so, and this saved us a ton on tourist attractions.

Eating wise, we mainly used delis as it was a drama-school trip. Of a night time we ate in the likes of TGIF's and other places like that. Personally, I'd try the deli's at least once or twice, the one we liked best was:

Pick a Bagel
200 W 57th St
New York, NY 10019

<nobr class="tel">(212) 957-5151</nobr>?
<nobr class="tel">(212) 581-6545</nobr>?

If you stay in the wellington it's only round the corner and well worth it. They have healthy, quick, food, and you have to go, if not JUST for the experience :p015:. If you do go, get a slice of oreo cake, and a bagel, it was the firm favourite among us, and the best thing about it was that it was only dirt cheap- got a very filling meal for about $10.
Times square is also near.

We stayed in the 'Park Savoy' which was really cheap. It was nothing amazingly fancy, but has an AMAZING location, A quick walk through the park to 5th Avenue and if i remember rightly it's close to Times Square too. The rooms are small, but okay-equiped. Lots of closet space, a decent toilet, and a T.V the reception was helpful, but I wouldn't do the bed and breakfast package- the breakfast room was simply a room with a stall of some bagels, coffee ect.

Another favourite (wierd how it was completely free and un-planned but everyone remembered it as a favourite) was strawberry fields. There was a man there who decorates john lennon's plaque, and is homeless through choice. He gives speeches about peace and asks for a few donations that all go towards decorating the sign- he does it with bagels, flowers and stuff, and his speech was really moving. a google of 'Gary, Mayor of Strawberry Fields' will bring up some information. He has a dog called Mary jane, too.

The rockafella centre was good, although we couldn't do the ice-skating there, as it wasn't 'risk assesed' :mad:. It looked amazing, though. Just behind this is the 'NBC Experience Store' if you like anything NBC (It's friends that does it for me :p015 this is THE place to go. I spent a ton on friends stuff and it was all really worth it. i have my mousemat with me now.

If there are any basketball fans going with you, then there is a NBA store which is amazing too, I don't like basketball but I really enjoyed the shop itself, too.

The world of disney store is also excellent and you can go right to the top floor and meet some characters :p015::p015: Check which days you can meet them though as I was dissapointed in the fact we couldn't meet any on that day .

If you need any other info just give me a holler!