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Thread: premium annual pass but no pleasure island now?

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    PI admission was a benefit of this when I bought it but its closing in september so does anyone know if we're due a discount or other perk to make up for it?

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    I think they were replacing the PI part of the ticket with ONE game of golf on
    Disney's Oak Trail Golf Course.....doesn't appeal to me so I'm just going for the regular annual pass.

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    Yes I heard It was to include golf now also....
    As I am a golf widow that would be quite good for us!


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    Well then. I can't say as I'm impressed with that at all.

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    I've not even heard about the golf.

    I do know that the AP (I've never had the premium) states on it quite clearly, that WDW is not responsible for any park's closing, etc. and should that occur there will be no refund forthcoming.

    I would imagine that there won't be too much compensation for the loss of PI.

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