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Thread: whats a Churros?

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    Never heard of them before but recommended in a guide book

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    I'm not really sure how to describe them.. So here's a link to wikipedia.

    They are extremely yummy though yummmmm! Worth a try , they aren't expensive.

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    The ones you get at WDW are not authentic. The real Mexican churro has filling. THOSE are wonderful.

    The ones that you get here are rather dry and tasteless but for the cinnamon coating.

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    they're more like spanish churros, they're like a doughnut batter thats piped into hot oil and fried in lengths. Very tasty. The spanish dip them into thick hot chocolate

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    I want one now.

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    Good point, Brit. They are more like Spanish and less like (for me) the more familiar Mexican.

    They are as different as the Mexican and Spanish tortilla.

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    I like them....they're great to snack on when you don't want ice cream.
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