Part one

we were supposed to be driving over the Waterford today to visit the Magic Road (where the car rolls backwards up the hill) and the Mahon Falls where we'd been to in 2006 but the weather was sooooo bad, and the forecast said there were possibilites of floods over there.

As we've been before no-one was overly thrilled at the thought of a long drive in the rain, so we may have to go back and do that one again one day!

Instead, we drove down to Rosslare Strand where we could see the harbour - the boats were in and we saw the fast ferry we were supposed to have travelled out looked tiny next to the bigger slow ferry!

We then went to Rosslare Strand along past where Mum and Dad used to have their cottage - DH and I were pretty stunned and sad to see how much the area has changed over the last 20 years, there are so many new houses where there used to be nothing but green fields and old cottages......

We drove along the strand to the end where the road meets the sea - luckily the tide was out!

When we got back to the house my cousin Pat dropped in to say hello and goodbye as he was off to sunny Malta shortly - lucky man, i wonder if the sun *was* shining for him!