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Thread: Fantasmic dinner package any good?

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    Is this still worth doing and which restaurant would you recommend?

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    We've never had a problem getting a good seat and we don't go hours in advance either. I don't care for any of the restaurants in the package except Mama Melrose. We don't do the package. If you are paying OOP, you cannot use a discount like the DDE and get the package.

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    We dined at H&V for the Fantasmic Dinner Package twice, once in August, the other time in October. Really didn't need it for entrance to Fantasmic either time.

    H&V is a buffet and okay. I didn't love it--not as nice as CP in MK when comparing the food, and quite frantic--without characters! It's crazybusy!

    We usually travel in December now and there has been no need for the dinner package. If I'm solo, I go a little early for convenience sake; when with others, usually about 30 minutes before show time--unless you particularly want to sit near the front. I prefer to be near the back!

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