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Thread: taking laptops through MCO?

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    We did this last year but apparently there are now stricter rules and taking laptops can cause problems? is that true?

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    I've just got back and didn't experience any differences between security last year and this year. I always take my laptop for storing piccies.


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    I always take mine too and no problem

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    To the best of my knowledge, the only thing you have to do is remove the laptop from the case and place it in a bin by itself. Good idea to have the battery charged, in case you're asked to turn it on.

    I believe the TSA has the right to search and/or confiscate laptops or other electronic devices. Never have had any issues to date--I've never even been asked to turn mine on!

    Remember, the TSA is like Disney in many ways--they reserve the right to do many things that rarely are done.

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