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Thread: Strictly theoretical question about February

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    Any american public holidays/school olidays etc around 6 - 20 something of Feb - is this a busy time park wise - only ever been in January before so aware of the weather - just adding a few bits and bobs up and loking at half term plus a week on either side.

    Probably won't happen but its fun to look?

    Anybody been around then?

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    In the red...

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    Feeling reckless - last dayof my holidays and I need something to look forward to - doing it this way is the only way i will hae 2 weeks holiday with the kids next year but it would mean a major figt with the partners - plus we have 'the expensive thing' looming - but it would be nice to have final family trip to WDW before that.

    Like I said its just theoretical

    Darn these disney boards- I had just got 'clean'

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    OMG, you've got the "Disney Itch" again I thought you were cured - well sort of anyway

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    there is one around valentines day, think it's either presidents day or Martin luther King- not sure so just a long weekend. We went then for the weekend a few weeks ago and while it was not as quiet as the beginning of december was not horrific either.

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    Can be quite a nice time to be at WDW. When is Easter this coming year (2009). That will tell the story. Spring break surrounds Easter and can be a wicked busy time of year.

    If Easter isn't until April, you should be quite well off with a February date. Presidents' Day and MLK birthday are in January.

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    what holiday was it then? it was something coz the kids were off school

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    I thought Presidents Day was 2nd week (ish) in Feb?
    According to google it is February 16 in 2009.


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    Not sure. Can't quite picture a national holiday in Februrary? Maybe it was a school district thing? (Winter break, teachers conference/meeting/training, etc.)?

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    Well there you have it then! I thought it was in January! Show's how much I pay attention to school holidays. :o If I don't have it off it doesn't register.

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