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Thread: Anyone seen McFarland USA?

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    Baleigh and I had "girls night" last night - manicures, Chipotle, and McFarland USA.

    Given my new hobby and my classic tendency to root for the underdog, I was pretty excited to see this movie. As we were driving to theater, Baleigh asked what the movie was about. I gave her a short description and finished with, "I'm pretty sure I'll be a hot mess by the time it's over." She replied, "What else is new, mom."

    Yeah, I may be somewhat well known for my predisposition to cry at movies like this. And McFarland USA did not disappoint.

    Fantastic, inspiring movie about overcoming obstacles and heart. I really enjoyed it.

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    Thanks for the review! I don't often go to cinemas as I have a very hard time sitting in one place for that long, but do enjoy a good film from time to time!
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