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Thread: Disney radio stations?

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    What orlando radio do you listen to and do you listen when youre at home?

    There was a nice jazz one but Im not sure we can get it over the internet

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    I listen to NPR the local station (90.1). It's my favorite. If I travel outside of its range, I tune into another one in whatever area I am in.

    If I can't find one, I'll pop in a cd.

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    At WDW, I usually listen to a local classic rock station. Somewhere in the low 100s FM--never can remember the number or call letters.

    At home, I alternate between a local classic rock station with excellent traffic reports during rush hour, a classical music station an a jazz station (KYOT--pronounced coyote!).

    I don't use my computer as a radio receiver.

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    We had a station on last time that played 24 hour Christmas music. It was awesome driving around in shorts and sunnies singing along to Christmas songs. :rofl:

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    I think that was 101. something. It's not an oldies station anymore. I think it's become a Spanish speaking station. Not sure if another station will do the Christmas carols or not. It was kind of fun but they didn't play Dominick the Donkey nearly enough.

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